Ā friends Maadamoiselle

  1. It happens that I want you, and so I just haven’t room for any other desires šŸ“·: @_shabster


  2. caravanbedouin:

    my beautiful friend @maadamoiselle

    Came across this old photo on tumblr

    (Source: oriental-sunrise)


  3. Anonymous said: If one of your insta or blog followers saw you in real life, would you want them to come up and say hi or would you think that is a little weird? Be honest okay? I was just wondering, since you have so many followers I'm sure you're bound to run in to one someday :) So yeah, how would you feel if a stranger that only knew you through the internet, said hey?

    It would be my pleasure to meet you ā¤ļø


  4. Jumpsuit designed by Rohina


  5. High waisted vintage pants! Yes pleassse.


  6. California love…

    It’s been a few days since my sisters and I have been in SoCal and even though I’m no stranger to the area, I always fall in love with the atmosphere of California all over again. While meandering about in LA, there’s been one dress that I had been dying to show you guys and wear on this trip. This Soul.eil vintage dress feels like it was meant to be worn in the Hollywood Hills. With the bold colors and vintage shapes and lines, it feels like the perfect old school piece for our current setting. And right now… it has to be my favorite dress!


  7. You are my favorite feeling

    Dress:Ā Soul.eilĀ 

    Photograph by Zahra Hussain


  8. California

    Hey everyone! Finally making a California post for you guys. I’ve been traveling from place to place and no time to blog. As some of you may know, my sisters and I are visiting Cali. We started our trip in LA but after a day or two weĀ decidedĀ to drive up north to visit our cousins in San Francisco. It was the best decision because we love spending time with them and we also looove the drive here plus SanĀ FranciscoĀ is beautiful.Ā