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  1. Panjshir, Afghanistan

    As you all may know I am originally from Afghanistan. Here are a few photos of one of my many trips to Afghanistan. From the capital Kabul to Panjshjir, where my family is from. Afghanistan has always been portrayed in the media as one of the most dangerous countries in the world. These photos are just a small taste of how beautiful this country truly is and as a woman I was able to explore freely.

    I think life is all about how you perceive people and what kind of energy you give off to the world.

    People in Afghanistan were hospitable and oh so happy to see a woman from a different part of the world. I thought it was silly how they are in awe to see a woman smiling at them or being kind. It was as if they had never experienced such kindness. Giving off as much love as I could, it helped me heal. My visit to Afghanistan was more of a healing and endearing experience.

    I hope one day you can experience a trip just like this.

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